• Putting the cement rings inside the well.
  • Digging process, to lay the concrete rings by manual labor, after inserting the large diameter bore pipe.
  • Discussion at the construction site
  • PW207: Land donor is Awjet Mondol of Jongolpur, Baduria, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
  • Boring process of bore-dugwell...

Project Well provides safe drinking water to an area of India where groundwater is contaminated by arsenic. Ingesting arsenic through drinking water causes many serious and often fatal health consequences, including various cancers, lung diseases, diabetes, and reproductive problems. We continue to discover additional health effects through health studies. Read more about arsenic health effects here  and   Information on slides in pdf

Our water sources—based on traditional dugwell designs that are familiar to villagers—are inexpensive and easy to maintain. We make these water sources sustainable by developing community-based programs so users take responsibility for their own wells. Together with our local partner Aqua Welfare Society, Project Well continually monitors our water projects so if problems arise, we can address them immediately and make sure villagers can continue to use the wells. We provide long-term guidance and assistance to users, unlike many other water projects that are installed and left unsupported. Project Well also educates communities on proper sanitation and personal hygiene practices, as well as the effects of drinking arsenic- or bacteria-contaminated water.

100% of donated funds go to our work in the field, as all United States officers provide their services pro bono. Our US officers also conduct research as members of the Arsenic Health Effects Research Group (ASRG) at University of California, Berkeley.